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Max is a DP with an eye for visual storytelling and natural lighting and believes that the photography of a film should never distract from the director's vision nor the story. Cinéma vérité is his comfort zone, where capturing a scene at just the right time of day results in that unrepeatable cinematic moment.  Directing multiple cameras with improvisational handheld work is a technique he often turns to with today's smaller budgets and tightened schedules.  That being said, there's little he enjoys more than crafting a highly stylized frame while utilizing the most current motion imaging technology.

The American Society of Cinematographers has twice recognized his cinematography, first with the A.S.C. Heritage Award for Outstanding Cinematography Honorable Commendation in 2005 and later with a nomination for the same award in 2006.

Through his work in television, Max has teamed up with Disney, NBC, CBS and HBO to shoot episodes and promos for such shows as Girls, Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones.

With over fifty music videos and live music shows to his credit, Max has shot such bands and artists as Phoenix, The Airborne Toxic Event, Weezer, Snoop Dogg, The All-American Rejects and The Doobie Brothers.

A San Francisco native, Max graduated from UC Berkeley before furthering his education at the USC School of Cinematic where he earned his Masters in Fine Arts.  He currently works freelance out of Los Angeles and is represented by Innovative Artists.